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With world-renowned care and treatments, Dr. Sanjay Razdan is a South Floridian leader in urology and its place in overall wellness

By Eric Edelman

Image: Ricardo Mejia

Dr. Sanjay Razdan is a board-certified urologist whose areas of focus are in prostate cancer treatments, kidney stone disease, and overall men’s health. Dr. Razdan has served the Miami-area for more than 15 years, and throughout his tenure in Miami, has amassed a growing fanbase of loyal and satisfied customers, and all trust Dr. Razdan’s expertise in urology. Aside from a variety of treatment options, Dr. Razdan has made a name thanks to his practice’s one-of-a-kind treatments for postoperative erectile function such as using dehydrated amniotic membrane tissue to hasten erectile function and urinary continence, particularly in cancer patients. Dr. Razdan completed his urology residency at the University of Miami, and went on to do a fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, where he focused on kidney stone disease and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Razdan has a special interest in robotic treatment of prostate cancer, for which he pioneered multiple surgical techniques to improve post-operative outcomes. Aside from his specializations, Dr. Razdan also has training in the treatment of other more benign urologic complaints including prostatic enlargement or BPH. 

A self-described “Miamian at heart,” Dr. Razdan’s centralized office is located in Doral, and he also operates out of Kendall Regional Hospital, Larkin Hospital, and miVIP Surgical Center. In addition to surgeries that he performs at the aforementioned locations, Dr. Razdan also performs office-based procedures including cystoscopy, biopsy, urodynamics, and more.

What’s the full scope of your work, including some special areas of focus?

I can treat the whole gamut of urologic complaints from benign to malignant. However, I have a specific interest in prostate cancer and surgical treatment of it. I have performed over 7,000 robotic procedures with outstanding outcomes in terms of cancer control, urinary continence, and erectile function. I also am very facile with laser therapy for kidney stones and can perform these surgeries as outpatient procedures. 

You’ve made a name for yourself given your expertise, particularly in the realm of robotically-treated prostate cancer. Tell me more about that. 

I am one of the few surgeons worldwide who can give excellent results in terms of potency and continence after robotically treated prostate cancer. These superlative surgical outcomes are not limited to robotic surgeries only. All non-cancerous conditions are also deftly dealt with to ensure complete patient satisfaction without compromising results. I make sure I have in-depth discussions with my patients prior to any treatment course—whether medical or surgical—to learn their goals of treatment and their desires for continence, erectile function, and sense of manhood. It is with this shared decision-making in mind that I tailor the treatment options I offer my patients.  

What is the strongest aspect of your practice?

I believe the strength of my practice lies in my decades of experience in prostate cancer, benign prostate disease, and kidney stone disease, my groundbreaking research which has been published in various well-respected journals, as well as the meticulous care and attention provided by my ancillary staff to    our patients.  

To learn more or request an appointment, visit miamiroboticprostatectomy.com or call (305) 251-8650

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