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Dress District Runway, earrings Helga Teran, bracelet Piña Colada MX[/caption] [caption id="attachment_14110" align="alignnone" width="684"] One piece swimsuit and Kimono by Live!, sunglasses Blanka. style, earrings Shine Design & Shop[/caption] Beautiful is certainly a befitting description for Michelle Galván but it doesn’t fully serve the allure of this Mexican-born journalist and television anchor. Raised in Monterrey Mexico, she now calls Coral Gables home, and Doral her office. Galván is a classic and elegant beauty, think Dolores del Río, but with a very earthy element to her. The kind of gal that doesn’t need much convincing to go for a picnic, sit barefoot with you while discussing Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, the loss of Kofi Annan, or Fenty’s new body shimmer; and yet, she’s also the gal you’d like to sit next to at a stately dinner. Poised, composed, approachable and above all, kind. She sort of envelops you in this patina of ease. The beauty comes from the natural grace, and the warm demeanor. The reason for her move to Miami a year and a half ago is her new, and much coveted place, as one half of the duo that makes up Univision’s prime time news program, Primer Impacto. Not exactly the kind of profession that encourages this “Mother-Nature-life-is-sweet-&-simple” approach. It’s a tough business with plenty of competition and a dog-eat-dog intensity. As she cozies up to a plush armchair in a suite of The Biltmore hotel, while makeup artist Evette Jorge curls Galván’s thick chestnut-brown hair, we jump right into girl talk. “How important is fitness for you?”—I ask her straight away, “It’s so important for me. I started several months ago a big health transition in my life” she shares. “This is a profession that is brutal, how do you manage to find equilibrium? You need to stay fit, youthful, emotionally balanced—it’s already a stressful job, how do you pull it off?” [caption id="attachment_14111" align="alignnone" width="683"] Top & leggings by Live!, sneakers Nike, earrings and bracelet Tous by Rock And Candy Store[/caption] I inquire. “I meditate for at least five minutes every morning, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up. A lot of illnesses come from stress. Grounding yourself, through learning how to properly breathe, through meditation, managing emotions and just sitting still—is necessary for me,” she says. She can’t rely simply on meditation, I insist she share how she manages to stay so fit and gorgeous. Apparently that wasn’t always the case, she lets me in on something. Before her move to Miami she was working an insane amount of hours, catching only four hours of sleep at night and losing her voice in the process. To keep up with the workload, her doctor put her on cortisone injections. “My body ballooned to twice its size,” she announces with a tinge of disappointment. “A couple of months ago I was dealing with this pro-found sadness. It’s true; this business can wear on you. The hours, the adrenaline, the intensity of the routine—it takes a toll.” She knew something was feeling off and she needed a change. “I understood the change need-ed to come from within so it could reflect outwardly,” Galván states. She began avoiding sugar, salt and drastically lowering her intake of carbs. The results were immediate. “My skin started to look better, my nails, my hair, I felt more focused, more centered.” Her nutritionist in Mexico, Jorge Tamez, put together a dietary plan for her. Thanks to technology, they hop on a FaceTime call and go over her plan every 10 days. “We check measurements and my weight, he also devised a specific plan in accordance to my blood type,” she shares. “That’s the wonderful thing about this generation, we have access to anything online. It’s worked fabulously for me in aiding the process of living a healthier life.” “Okay, we have the fitness part down, but what about beauty?” I chime in. “Divvy up the top-secret tips,” I say with a grin. “It’s really through the female figures in our lives, particularly our moms, that we pick up on good or bad beauty habits. As is the case of never going to bed with makeup on, my mom always stressed that.” Michelle says that from her grandmother she learned to apply almond oil on her lashes and eyebrows so that they grow long and strong. From granny she also procured the practice of monthly full body scrub with brown sugar, coffee grounds and almond oil. “It leaves your skin baby soft and it smells lovely”, she insists. Adding, “it’s something you can easily whip up at home.” She thanks her mom for instilling in her a great sense of femininity. “She’d always say, ‘you are not going out dressed like that.’ I understood that a lady had to leave her house dressed a certain way,” she points out. “My mom also encouraged me to incorporate organic coconut oil into my beauty routine. That’s really my top-secret. It’s got so many nutrients and vitamins and it’s deeply hydrating.” “It really does come down to this: 70 percent of being happy, healthy and fit has to do with what you eat, 20 percent is allocated to exercise and the other 10 percent supplements. Incorporating amino acids, vitamin C, drinking enough water everyday is essential,” she says. “It takes discipline, but it’s so worth it,” Galván adds. [caption id="attachment_14112" align="alignnone" width="684"] Dress District Runway, earrings Helga Teran, bracelet Piña Colada Tx[/caption] These days when she’s not hopping on a call with her nutritionist, working on her prime time show, exercising with her personal trainer, or getting to know the city, she’s having quality time with her husband of four years, Fernando Guajardo. She’s found the balance between happy and healthy. As I walk her to the door, right before she heads out I ask her one quick last question. “What’s at the top of your bucket list, Michelle?” She pauses, takes a minute to reflect, and answers with a smile on her face “to have a baby.” As she kisses me goodbye, and I watch her turn the corner and disappear from view, I discover the wonderful smell of sugar, something earthy, and yes—almond oil, she has left lingering behind.]]>

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