Life in Motions

Health and wellness have become
the ultimate lifestyle choice. From
Insta-famous fitness influencers, crunchy moms, resolution junkies, to the once-in-a-while healthy choice makers, we are all taking steps to improve our lives and the environment around us. 

By Dijana Nedelcovych

Protein Punch

Go ahead…go nuts! What you put into your body is as important as what you do with it. So, skip the drive throughs! Stash a pouch of this delicious snack in every bag for those
on-the-go hunger pangs.

GoMix Organic Energy Snacks starting at $13.99 available on

Vibe and Jive

Want the freedom of wireless headphones, but without always wondering where the other earbud disappeared to? Fret no more! Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, each earbud is equipped with a tiny magnet allowing you to clasp them together around your neck when not in use.

KREAFUNK aVIBE headphones $77 available on

Elastic Action

Basic hair ties be gone! Pull back your pony in a sumptuous scrunchie and know that as cute as it is, it won’t damage your hair.

L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony Tube $18 available on

Sweat Nation

Sweats are the current equivalent of the LBD. Perfect for any situation, any time. A hoodie this lush is a necessity in every closet.

UNKNWN Hotel Hoodie $70 available on

Booty Pop

Don’t be afraid to break a sweat in booty baring leggings. The technology used to create these leggings will keep all your bits where they belong while you move and groove.

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Legging $135 available on

Pass On Plastic

It’s as easy as making one small choice: pack your own lunch. This choice leads to benefits that impact more than just your body, but the environment too. Help yourself, help the world.

W&P The Porter Collection starting at $15 available on

Fitness Chic

Never sacrifice your appearance while living a life amid the hustle and bustle. Addison Bay will provide you with all of your stylish activewear needs. Wear to and from the gym, school pick-ups and drop-offs, running errands, or out to lunch. There’s no longer an excuse to skip out on a fashion moment.

925 Short Memory Romper $170 available on

Circle of Life

Finally, a fitness tracker that does not hinder your style. No more bulky watches or wristbands. Keep track of steps, heart rate, sleep, activity, and more in the form of a titanium ring that will go seamlessly with any outfit.

MOTIV Ring $199 available on

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