Fashion Can Now Be Added to the List of Things That Make Doral Trend-Setting…

Andrea Gaviria

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of OMG Swimwear | Doral, Florida

When did you realize fashion was your calling?

I’ve always had a passion for fashion…this has always been my calling in life. I remember when I was younger, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my response would be “a fashion designer.” I had a vision of [becoming] this, and I worked very hard to make my dreams come true.

What makes your designs different from any other out in the market now?

OMG Swimwear stands out for its diversity. We really pride [ourselves] in our original designs and keeping things different from all other curated companies.

What are three key insights you would have liked to have figured out before going into business?

The main thing for me was not to take things personally. Business is business. I am a very passionate person and take pride in what I do. I would have liked to [have been] stronger when it comes to business.

Images provided by Andrea Gaviria

Where do you find your inspiration: movies, the day to day, nature?

I am a very observant person and I like to look at what [people are] wearing, from colors, cuts and design. I take notes on everything and translate that to the perfect swimsuit.

How is designing for the Hispanic woman different from designing for anyone else?

The Hispanic body is my mannequin. Latinas are confident and strong women. They have curves and they aren’t afraid to flaunt them. When designing, I try to cater to all women but mostly Latinas. My legacy in life is to make all women feel sexy and confident when wearing OMG Swimwear.

Of all places you could have “set up shop,” why Doral?

Doral is the perfect place for OMG Swimwear, there is so much Hispanic culture and life. 

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