Dishing With “Pláticas y Platillos”: Carlos Adyan

by Francesca Cruz | Images: Josue Acosta

I bet you’ve seen the handsome dimpled-faced Carlos Adyan on Acceso Total, or perhaps you’ve caught a show of Suelta la Sopa and viewed his segment, or maybe you follow his many adventures on Instagram. Adyan is the cool cat of the moment, he’s “in the know” if you didn’t know. He also happens to put the ay-ay-ay into the concept of tall dark (add to that sweet, charming, and funny) and of course handsome. We cozy up to a Rosé Pisco, a Passion Sour, some Ceviche Cremoso and other delights at Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar in Doral and dish away…

This IS the Fashion Issue so I’ll start by asking you to describe your style.

I would describe my style as…elegant but trendy at the same time. I’m 23 years old so I really enjoy playing with new trends but never forgetting that simple is better. 

What are the two labels you are currently in love with?

Ferragamo, and Gucci 

What is an essential element to your wardrobe you can’t do without? 

Black shirts. It never disappoints me to wear a fully black outfit. 

I understand you are also a big foodie. What’s your favorite thing to cook?

I am a big foodie! Even though I enjoy working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle I always try to break my diet at least twice a week. I think that’s healthy too. I enjoy cooking “breadfruit tostones” it’s
a popular Puerto Rican dish and
I just love it. Fun fact: I’m in love
with the Air Fryer!

It’s your dinner party, name the six individuals (dead or living) you’d want at your table.

If it’s about family I’ll make it simple: my immediate family. But if it’s about relevant world figures: Barack Obama, J-Lo, Trump, Ricky Martin, Beyoncé and Yalitza Aparicio. It’ll be an interesting conversation.

What’s the best advice you ever received (that should be shared)? 

Everybody’s clock is different…

What is the one thing about yourself you’ve finally learned to love?

My nose. 

One of the shows you collaborate with is Suelta la Sopa…so what’s some recent gossip that left you “boca abierta” and saying OMG, NO WAY!!!

Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa, the show is constantly on Marjorie’s side but I had a different opinion and I think it was remarkable because there was a big audience in need of hearing what I said. I gained some enemies but some people loved me as well. That’s TV—lol!

What’s that one hidden talent no one knows you have?

I’m great at geography. I know almost all the capitals in the world and location of countries. 

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