Alina Villasante Peace Love World Creator and Visionary

Please share with us how you started your business…when did you realize this could even be a business?

Peace Love World is simply the outer expression of what I value and feel for life and I have been blessed to share this with the world. In 1999, I began an annual tradition of gathering my favorite ladies for a night of camaraderie called the “Love Party.” I designed T-shirts, jewelry and pajamas incorporating symbols of peace, love and happiness. My friends’ obsession with the shirts inspired me to take my love of fashion to the next level after having spent 17 years in the aviation industry. In 2009, I combined my commitment to spreading positivity and my passion for design and fabrics to officially launch Peace Love World. 

Why create/curate a brand associated with fitness and loungewear? 

I believe a woman should always be confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. I stay true to the two most special things about Peace Love World: the quality of fabrics and the positivity we incorporate in every design. I feel one of my soul’s [purposes] is to encourage, inspire and incite appreciation for women and I want more women to feel beautiful and teach them that if you want to feel something, become it and then you will attract it. 

What does fitness and living a healthy life mean to you? How do you incorporate it into your life?

It means taking care of your mind, body and soul. I wake up every day and drink my coffee at 6 a.m. on my terrace facing the ocean and reflect on the fact that I’m alive and count my five greatest blessings. Afterwards, I go to the gym and work on my body and mind doing weights and cardio. From there, I go get celery juice and drive myself to church to give thanks for all I have and nourish my soul and spirituality. Finally, I go home, shower, blow dry my hair, put on my favorite Peace Love World pieces while drinking my organic smoothie and off to work I go. Consistency is key. 

What are some business tips you wish an expert had shared with you before you started your business?

• Don’t take anything for granted

• Remember where you came from

• Networking and business relationships matter

• Keep the passion for what you are doing

• It’s not easy

• It’s not luck

• It takes a lot of hard work! 

• Stay true to the brand

• Know your product and design vision and don’t change for anyone 

What’s an out-of-the-ordinary indulgence you just can’t live without?

I carry around my Jesus pen. He is always with me! Makes me believe and reminds me that anything is possible if you believe. A life with faith doesn’t hurt as much as a life without faith. Without faith there’s no happiness. 

What’s a great piece of health (or fitness) advice given to you by your mom or a female mentor that you still practice?

Oprah is my biggest inspiration. I believe she came into my life because I attracted her through being like-minded souls. She is a woman of so much substance and generosity. She has taught me to never divert from my goals, love is in the details, remember where you came from and to always give back. 

Where do you see your brand 10 years from now?

On my vision board I have a quote that says, “known locally, loved globally.” Our global reach has expanded through the QVC platform. Three years ago, the Peace Love World movement began to build its community on QVC through the opportunity to be part of major campaigns, such as Giving Tuesday and International Women’s Day. The fact that QVC gives me the opportunity to be the face and the voice of my brand is the most authentic way to spread my message and I plan on building on this partnership for years to come. I am so proud of our partnership because they have brought my vision to life by producing amazing product and giving me a platform to spread my message to millions of viewers. They have made my dreams come true by expanding my collections into home and fitness categories, making Peace Love World truly a lifestyle. I hope to continue to build my legacy by inspiring the consumer through my voice, my product, my generosity, my commitment to give back and my future book titled Love Is Everything

What’s your advice for someone wanting to go into business in the area of health and fitness?

You always have to listen to what’s happening in the industry and grow and evolve with what’s happening. It’s really hard to close doors and open new ones but that’s how you evolve and survive. The world is ever-changing and you have to change with it. 

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