Balancing Act

Avoiding Energy Vampires

Steps to Take to Cleanse Yourself from Exposure to an Energy Vampire

By Francesca Cruz

Let’s break it down. You’ve got your nutritional plan set. Check that box off. You now incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Check. You’re beginning to notice progress, and yet emotionally something feels off. You even call up your granny for home remedies and inquiries of “¿que me esta pasando?” We often focus solely on the physical when it comes to fitness and health, and neglect one very important component, emotional equilibrium. This article can pertain to anyone, if you are or if you are not into fitness and feeling the following. (Note: It’s just a bit more mind-boggling when you are living a healthy life and your emotional state doesn’t feel balanced.)

Here are the signs clinical psychologist Dr. Sophie Henshaw says will help you determine if you’re under an energy vampire attack: you feel overwhelmed even by routine tasks, you’re sapped of energy, stressed, anxious, having constant headaches, exhaustion or irritability. You are dealing with sadness you can’t trace to anything specific, and you’re simply not feeling yourself. At first glance, energy vampires can seem highly attractive. They often are charming, good-looking, or intelligent. They draw you into their inner circle with flattery. Time spent with them might initially feel like a boost, and yet quickly leaves you feeling out of sorts, agitated, and drained. Conversely, if you are currently struggling with a disruption in your life, you are more vulnerable to a vampire attack.

WHAT TO DO: First of all you must not be reactionary. The moment you feel hemmed in or possibly under an energy attack, center your breath-ing, remind yourself that you are aware of what is going on, and have complete power. Envision a protective shield around you that nothing can penetrate. Set a boundary by engaging this person less and less. If it’s someone that you deal with in a work setting, envision yourself in a separate path from theirs so you don’t have to come in contact with him or her anymore. Silvia Riojas, astrologer, astro-genealogy expert, and creator of the Emotional Astro Decodification system, shares these remedies:

1. If you know you’ll be in contact with an energy vampire and you can’t avoid the encounter; place three drops of Palo Santo oil on your throat (exterior) and three drops on your forehead (third eye). This will protect you from energy theft.

2. If you’ve been in contact with an energy vampire, take a shower and place coffee grounds up and down your arms (as if you were doing a body scrub). As you rinse off the residue in the shower, imagine all negativity being removed from your body.

3. Grab a pinch of salt and pass it in the area that aches: your stomach, maybe it’s your head or over your heart. Do it in a circular motion, from left to right—let your intention be the removal of negativity. Throw the salt in the garbage, and take the garbage outside.

4. If the energy vampire visited your home, mop floors with white vinegar. It’s a universal diluent that removes all negative energies.

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