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By Angela Caraway-Carlton

Put the LIME in the COCONUT



Add this recipe from the new restaurant Planta to your plant-based routine. 

If you’ve joined the movement to eat more plant-based foods, you’ll want to know about the internationally renowned restaurant Planta, now open in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood. Everything on the menu is locally sourced and 100-percent plant-based, and you’ll find familiar-sounding items like “crab cakes,” which are actually made with hearts of palm; charred “octopus,” in which oyster mushrooms are the star stand-in for the seafood; and a “burger,” which is really created with black beans and topped with mushrooms masquerading as bacon. For a delicious and easy summer meal, make acclaimed executive chef David Lee’s Coconut Ceviche at home.

Planta’s Coconut Ceviche

3 shallots, sliced thinly
1 jalapeño, minced
2 tbsp. Anaheim chiles, minced
20 coriander stems
1 tsp. grey salt
4 tbsp. fresh lime juice

For the marinade, combine thinly sliced shallots, jalapeño, chiles and grey salt until the mixture releases its juices. Then add lime juice and coriander. Clean and thinly slice young coconut meat and combine it with two cups of the marinade, a cup of lime juice and a pinch of kosher salt. Top with cilantro and corn nuts and add sliced avocado to the plate. Serve with tortilla chips.

Planta, 850 Commerce St., Miami Beach; 305.397.8513;


This Mother’s Day, don’t skip your workout– bring the baby.

At the newly opened The Yoga Nest in Cooper City, expectant and new moms can get a much-needed workout while bonding with their baby. The studio offers many classes like Mom & Baby Yoga, which is vinyasa with infused restorative poses to help moms gain stability; Rock with Mama, where moms rock to the music while (safely) holding their babies close; and Family Yoga, where the whole family hits the mat together. “Most moms with newborns want the option of taking their baby with them wherever they go, and many of them want to tend to their babies’ needs while taking care of their own needs.

The mommy and baby classes are perfect for those moms. They get to move their bodies in a safe way while bonding with their baby,” says owner Ifat Kent, who is also working on more classes to benefit families. The classes are also a great way to connect with other moms, and there are also classes for moms and dads only.

Prices range from $13-$18. 12165 Sheridan St., Cooper City, 754.610.1660;

Work the Workout


A pair of plain black leggings shouldn’t be your standard workout uniform anymore. It’s time to extend your fashion sense to your athletic wear. Flying Lizard Boutique, which carries a variety of brands and has locations in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, rounded up spring’s hottest workout threads from Ultracor so you can sweat in style.


This workout set with circular metallic accents updates the traditional black look.


Designers have taken their inspiration from the night skies this season, sprinkling star prints and cosmic embellishments on workout wear.


The embroidered flowers on these sleek blue leggings offer the perfect combination of femininity and edginess.


The ombré trend has gripped everything from hair to nails and now, athletic wear.

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